What We Do

Our tested and innovative programs create flexible experiences to best solve the specific needs of your department, team or organizational challenges. All BBN training can be customized to your individual needs, all courses are offered in one on one training format, lecture series or workshops. We provide all training materials, actors, and video equipment. BBN will provide instructors and improvisational scenes that cater to the topics and areas you wish to focus on. You only need to supply the date and number of trainees and BBN will do the rest. 

Training Courses Offered

This course is designed to teach participants to master critical communication skills applied across professional functions that positively impact the overall patient experience. Participants will understand communication as a collection of skills that can be mastered to improve relationships and outcomes.

The Improving Patient Satisfaction course is offered in different training methods. Our most comprehensive offering is a 2-3 day workshop designed to improve patient satisfaction for entire units.

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This course is designed to teach healthcare professionals how to effectively discuss tragic news with patients and families. Using real-life diagnoses and scenarios, participants are given background information and enter into improvisational role-playing scenes with professional actors who are trained to portray worst-case scenarios. Participants take part in review of video performance.

The Breaking Bad News® Course is offered in different training methods.

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Whether in the hospital or workplace, Managing Difficult Dialogues teaches effective communication skills and the framework to navigate difficult workplace conversations including conflict resolution, performance feedback, dissatisfied customers and disaffected employees. Participants will master skills to positively influence outcomes of challenging situations encountered daily.

The Managing Difficult Dialogues course is offered in different training methods.

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