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Healthcare Communication, Patient Experience, and the Value of Compassionate Communication

Thought-provoking and informative, BBN founder Dr. Anthony Orsini is available to deliver keynote presentations at corporate and industry events, participate as a panelist and welcomes the opportunity to discuss your challenges and how to engage your team in solving them.

Dr. Orsini’s presentation style brings together the warmth and empathy of a practicing physician and the engaging storytelling of a CEO. He can bring insight on the topic of using compassionate communication in the workplace to solve your specific challenges.  Topics include:

  • Understanding the most impactful communication techniques to influence outcomes
  • De-escalating conversations in the workplace
  • Insights on cost savings using compassionate communication
  • Improving patient satisfaction scores
  • Managing difficult dialogues

Click here to download Dr. Orsini’s complete speaker overview, bio and latest published work, The Journal of American Osteopathic Association Publishes Get With the PROGRAM: A Guide to Compassionate Communication.


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